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Sensational Math™ KidCounters™

Product Number: ELP626682
Hands-on helpers for patterning, sequencing, counting & more!KidCounters™ are unique “kid-shaped” plastic blocks that are...

Hands-on helpers for patterning, sequencing, counting & more!

KidCounters™ are unique “kid-shaped” plastic blocks that are designed to connect horizontally and vertically. The set includes 100 KidCounters™ (10 each of 10 colors). The possibilities for sequencing, patterning, mirroring & counting are endless. The 2” x 2“ size is easy-to-handle for little hands. Complete with teacher’s guide and 25 two-sided, full-color, 3.5” x 3.5”, self-checking, sequencing, patterning, mirroring and counting activity cards. The colorful box contains color-coded storage partitions to keep everything sorted and ready when not in use.


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