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Skill Sharpeners Math, Grade 2

Product Number: EMC8252
Provide engaging math practice and see children’s math and problem-solving skills improve with Skill Sharpeners: Math activit...




Provide engaging math practice and see children’s math and problem-solving skills improve with Skill Sharpeners: Math activity books! The colorful theme-based activities create enjoyable learning experiences for children and improve their math fluency, number sense, and reasoning skills. Completely updated to reflect grade-level standards, the new Skill Sharpeners: Math books are ideal for enrichment, for review, and to help students master “must-know” skills such as: addition subtraction place value multiplication fractions geometry logical thinking algebra and more Each grade level incorporates the perfect amount of math skill practice and includes word problems that challenge children to apply their understanding. Engaging theme-based units capture children’s interest with colorful visuals to help them solve problems. Each title includes: Rigorous math skill practice that reflects current standards New themed units that present math practice in a fun, colorful format A downloadable teaching guide that provides teaching tips and support for struggling children A “Test Your Skills” page at the end of each unit that lets students review the skills practiced in that unit New math completion certificates (grades PreK–2) that give young children a sense of accomplishment All-new artwork that engages children with age-appropriate illustrations Skill Sharpeners: Math, grade 2 provides practice for the following skills: count within 1,000 add and subtract within 100 recognize the relationship between addition and subtraction identify hundreds, ten, and ones count by 1s and 2s within 1,000 compare and sequence three-digit numbers solve multi-step word problems tell time to the half-hour tell time to the nearest 5 minutes calculate amounts with coins and bills measure length using centimeters and inches divide shapes into equal shares read a bar graph identify attributes of two- and three-dimensional shapes Each title includes an answer key. These activity books help children understand and master important math skills needed to form a strong math foundation and are ideal for at-home practice, homeschooling, and the classroom! Every Skill Sharpeners workbook now includes a free downloadable Teaching Guide! Skill Sharpeners: Math Teaching Guides include: How to Use directions for teaching math Sample pacing guide to complete lessons and activities Teaching suggestions for helping children learn in different modalities Extension activities that include math journals and problem solving Visual aids to help children understand difficult math strategies3.

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